Indiana Fetal Burial Law

The Satanic Temple Indiana Chapter condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Indiana’s Fetal Burial Law (House enrolled Act No. 1337) to stand.

Under this law, Indiana abortion clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are required to cremate or bury fetal tissue rather than dispose of it in a sanitary landfill along with other biomedical waste. Because TST members believe that nonviable fetal tissue is a part of the mother’s body and is not a separate, unique human being, this law violates our deeply held belief that ones body is inviolable subject to ones own will alone and it forces state mandated religious funerary rites upon them. By forcing our members to contextualize their pregnancies against their religious beliefs, including funerary rites, that is a direct violation of their rights to Free Exercise.

“Our members believe strongly in their right to an abortion. The state has clearly posed an undue burden on pregnant individuals seeking abortion, and by forcing cremation or burial for fetal tissue, are setting up additional obstacles for those who seek to end their pregnancy,” stated Damien Blackmoor, Co-Chapterhead of The Satanic Temple Indiana Chapter.

The Satanic Temple, headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, has released a statement declaring Indiana members exempt from this law due to their religious beliefs.

“This law is a blatant attempt to restrict abortion access through cost and convenience barriers,” said Mara Gorgo, Co-Chapterhead of The Satanic Temple Indiana Chapter. “We thank our National Council and other chapters for their support and dedication to protecting reproductive rights in Indiana and through the United States"

"... Victory is a Spirit, and that it is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack and destroy Ialdabaoth."